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"Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact."
William James

Life is too important to waste on the concerns of retirement. Shelem was formed for the express purpose of easing the burdens of some of retirement's most difficult choices. What do I want to do after retiring? Where will I live? Can I afford to retire? Can I live on my own? Who will provide help, if and when I need it?

For decades, the directors and officers of Shelem have studied, developed, built and operated affordable to luxurious senior housing and retirement communities across the country. The collective experience and expertise of these professionals has been combined in a single not-for-profit corporation to provide the highest level of quality and care in services and facilities for retirees.

Where will this new generation live?

How will they cope with their changing needs?

The need for well-planned retirement housing and healthcare facilities continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Census studies reveal that retired persons are the fastest growing segment of our population. In numbers that are increasing by over one million persons each year, there will be an estimated 50 million Americans age 65 and older by the year 2005. In the coming years, billions of dollars will be invested to provide proper housing and care for these people.

Where will this new generation live? How will they cope with their changing needs? The answers to these questions will be determined by the quality of leadership in the retirement services and facilities industry. Shelem targets and builds upon the best ideals and goals of the retirement services industry.

Long gone is the traditional "old folks" home where the mind, body and spirit are allowed to atrophy.

Today's active seniors want the ability to maintain their independence while ensuring that future healthcare needs are considered. Properly planned retirement facilities enhance the well-being of their residents, in addition to making important contributions to the surrounding community. The bewildering array of social, governmental, business, and financial obstacles can make the sponsorship of retirement services and facilities extremely difficult. The directors, officers and staff of Shelem have overcome these barriers and assembled the resources to turn obstacles into opportunities... and dreams into realities.

Elderly housing, assisted living facilities, and full-service retirement communities are areas where the experience, expertise and resources of Shelem are focused. Due to regulatory and licensing differences, these communities may also be known as personal or residential care facilities, Alzheimer's care and treatment facilities, independent living facilities, congregate facilities, continuing care retirement communities, etc.

Shelem uses a three-pronged approach to meet strategic planning objectives: development of new facilities, acquisition of existing operations, and assistance with distressed projects.

New facilities are created following feasibility due diligence, or as a result of a turn-key development agreement entered into with others.

Acquisition of existing operations also follows the course of feasibility due diligence, and may result in assuming existing debt, pursuing federal, state or local subsidy programs, or incurring new debt as part of an existing or expanded campus.

Existing operations may find themselves in distress as a result of incomplete strategic planning, weak operations, or a lack of resources to turn vision into reality. In each case, Shelem brings the necessary tools to meet the challenge.

Shelem has received recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. As such, all newly-developed projects and most acquired facilities will be funded utilizing the favorable rates available through the sale of tax-exempt municipal bonds.

Current areas of interest include most states west of the Rockies. However, Shelem will consider entering more distant service areas where market and economic feasibility can be demonstrated.


Shelem's strategic plan for the next five years includes exploring investment opportunities in the following growth sectors:

  • The acquisition of existing senior housing and care facilities in established markets in western States, including projects that need to expand or require substantial renovation;
  • Forming alliances with developers, potential sponsors, and others who recognize specific senior housing and care needs within specific communities, for which Shelem could serve as owner - and possibly operator;
  • Collaborating with existing religious and fraternal organizations that need housing and care services and facilities for their members and neighbors;
  • Developing housing, care facilities, and services in communities that have unmet needs, but for which no sponsor or developer has come forward;
  • Developing low and moderate-income housing for seniors.


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If you have a senior project to sell or are interested in turn-key development, please contact us.

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